A little about us...

Remember Grandma’s house?  Remember gathering around her table for holiday feasts, or for a quick sandwich? Just like our Grandmas, we nourish our customers out of love.  Love for our animals, our land, good food, and health.  We are Ralph and Rhonda Martin and with our two children, we own and operate Spring Valley Natural Meats, nestled in the Dirt and Cactus Hills of southern Saskatchewan.

Our story is rooted in old fashioned prairie values: family, good food, respect for the animals, and land stewardship. Almost everything we eat as a family is raised right here at home, or purchased locally. We feed our kids the most nourishing food available and we want the same for you, our friends and clients.  When you sit down to a meal made with our products we’d like it to feel like Sunday supper at Grandma’s house!

Delivery days are one of our favorite times of the week.  We know our customers  by name, and remember your favorite orders. Its a rare sort of hospitality you wont find just anywhere.  And its a big part of the reason we raise healthy grass fed and pastured animals at Spring Valley,  Our commitment to humane, chemical free animal husbandry practices means you can rest assured this is the most nourishing food you can feed your family.

Our goal is to take care of the environment for the next generation: our children and yours! We feed the soil what it needs to grow quality grass for the animals. We do all we can do to encourage a thriving biodiversity on our farm.  From ducks to dung beetles, there’s a place for everything! Chemical hasn’t been used on our land since 2001. Instead of getting caught up in all the climate change doom and gloom scenarios, we are taking control of our little part of the world.  We’re repairing and regenerating the land, while feeding our family and our community.

Thank you for supporting our small family farm, and indeed our local food chain.  Let Saskatchewan feed YOU!