1/4 Beef Package




We will have a few critters going in the end of January,  ready for delivery mid Febuary.


Stock up you freezer, get a great variety of cuts and save money.  We offer mixed 1/4s of our decadent young beef steers, plus we upgrade the ground beef from trim to our High Test Lean Ground, and throw in 10 lbs of sausage!  You get all the cuts, from t-bones to stew meat, for $6/lb hanging weight.  BUT you have to order this one ahead!  We take deposits of 1/2 down and then 1/2 on delivery.  Please note that weights will vary on steers, with $900 being average.

A bit more info; The bulk beef package, whole, half or quarter, is based on “hot hanging weight”. This is the weight that the sides hit the scale at after dressing, but before chilling or aging.  once the carcass is cooled, it is hung in a special cooler at optimum humidity and temperature for at least two weeks.  it is then brought out, trimmed up and cut into the packages you have ordered.  So the point is that aging, cooling and cutting all take unuseable parts of the beef off, but also takes away from the weight.  So the  “freezer yield ” and the hanging weight are very different.  Individual butchers as well as the actual cutting instructions ( for instance boneless roasts) also affect this weight. The industry average is 67% yield on the live weight of the steer.