Pastured Roasting Chickens


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This!  This is the taste of our farm!  These beautiful birds have lived on our pastures, eaten medication free, local, home milled grains, bugs, weed seeds!  They have been as “chicken-y” as can be.  They have not even been caged to process, as we do that right here at home.

The taste, texture and nutritional value of these birds are amazing!  from roast chicken to bone broth, this is a product you can feed your family with, and know that we have put our best effort into helping you do just that!

The Winter chickens are obviously NOT pastured. lol   They are fed our usual grain mix, and hay (which they eat a surprising amount of),  and bedded on clean barley straw, in a huge warm coop with south windows.  i love watching them move with the sunlight.

They weigh 5-7 lbs, and cost $5/lb, so $25-$35 per bird.